Make Your Next Marathon Your Best Marathon!

Marathon Race Day is about Execution…Not Fitness!

Your Best MarathonA great marathon happens when your fitness, your race strategy and your ability to execute all intersect.

Use Marathon Nation’s proven long run guidance, pre-race checklists, pace calculator and post-race analysis tools to make the next big race your best ever! 

More than 45 pages of resources and advice can be yours instantly.

Avoid the most common training and racing mistakes. Be prepared to execute your plan.

Know how to handle the critical training and challenges on race day — it’s all inside.


Marathon Training Guide

Note: The book and files will be delivered as a digital download (PDF, XLS) via email.

Longest Run Guidance
Don’t just run…run right! Whether you are front or back-of-the-pack, you can improve!

Race Pace Planning Spreadsheet
The most critical part of your marathon comes down to one thing–how well you can pace the first six miles!

Don’t Waste Another Training Session
Why use random magazine articles or tips from strangers when you can leverage years of marathon coaching and racing experience?


“The execution plan was excellent. I got to mile 10 with enough energy left to actually race the last 3.1 miles. It was way more energizing to be passing people that being out of gas those last miles. I carried my own water and gels and even ran past the aid stations. I was also pleased with myself that I didn’t quit when it really started to hurt.”

— Steve M. Marathon Nation Member



Why You Need To Know How To Race

Everyone has a training plan, but few are ready to race. After months and months of solo runs, managing fatigue, and making sacrifices…your big marathon is looming. You feel your pulse quicken as you anticipate lining up at the start…and visualize the finish line.

Only then do you realize that you have no idea what to do for the 26.2 miles in between!

  • You could start out fast like Fast Freddy, hoping to put time into “the bank”…until you realize there’s no getting back that critical energy when you really need it.
  • You could skip the early aid stations to save time…only to bonk later on when your system is incapable of processing the precious calories you need.
  • You could ignore the dreaded “wall” that everyone mentioned to you…but you run the risk of having your marathon completely derailed by the inevitable.

“Thanks for the pacing advice on Boston, the down hills killed my quads like you warned, and I just missed a reverse split by 3 seconds. You helped me make my goal of sub 4 hrs!

— Amy Leitheiser, Marathon Nation Facebook Fan

What’s Included

A lightweight 45+ pages of marathon-focused information, this guide will walk you through the process of creating the conditions for a great race.

As an endurance athlete with more than 30 marathons under my belt, and a coach for longer than a decade, I have witnessed countless rolls of the dice. I have seen success, I have seen dumb luck, and I have learned what works.

All of my knowledge is organized in these pages, including:

 12 Core Articles on everything from Testing Your Run Fitness to Race Execution to Mid-Race Damage Control.

5 Key Resources including a Pace Planner, multiple checklists and a post-race report card to catalogue your performance for future learning.

Free Updates for Life — I am a pretty prolific writer and I project updating the resources and other information as we continue; you’ll get all of these for FREE.


“Training and execution methods promoted by Marathon Nation helped me post a 9 minute PR on a tough Boston course. Marathon Nation methods let me start the race seeded 12079, but finish 3901. That’s fully 2/3 the field that qualified faster than me that I beat by training and racing smart.

— William Jenks, Marathon Nation Member


Money Back Guarantee — Shop with Confidence!

At the end of the book, if you’re not convinced it’ll help you achieve your marathon goals, just ask and you’ll get 100% of your money back. GUARANTEED.


So What Are You Waiting For?

You’ve done all the hard work. You are gearing up for your next race. You’ve heard the epic tales of marathon mistakes and mishaps — this is your chance to make sure that you are ready to rock your next race.

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 Note: The book and files will be delivered as a digital download (PDF, XLS) via email.